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NAUI Trimix Diver I/TDI Entry Level Trimix

$600 includes course and instructor fees per student (class of 3 or 4)
$900 per student for class of 2 or $1,800 for private training
$60 for hard copy and digital c-cards
plus gas fills

Student numbers:  minimum 2, maximum 4
Minimum age:  21 years
Technical/Advanced Nitrox certification or equivalent
Decompression Techniques certification or equivalent
Minimum logged dives:  200, 20 to or below 100’

18 hours of classroom study and 6 dives minimum
Educate student in equipment requirements, physics, physiology, hazards and problem solving/prevention for deeper diving
Detailed gas planning and management for the dive’s extended depths and staged decompressions
Basic training in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures of utilizing custom oxygen/helium/nitrogen mixtures as a breathing gas

Bottom mix cylinders (minimum of 160 cu/ft) with dual outlet manifold and labeled in accordance with NAUI/TDI/UTD standards
Properly labeled travel cylinder(s) of appropriate volume for planned dive and student gas consumption rate with regulator system & SPG
Properly labeled decompression cylinder(s) with regulator system & SPG
Properly labeled drysuit inflation cylinder (required for trimix dives)
Back-mount BC of adequate lift for configuration with LP inflator
Primary regulator system with 7’ hose and redundant regulator system with SPG (DIN 1st stages recommended on all)
Redundant depth and timing devices
Ascent spool with surface marker buoy/lift bag (minimum 50 lbs of lift if diving in a wetsuit)
Knife/line cutter
Wet notes and pencil
Accessory equipment dictated by instructor and/or site conditions