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TDI Full Cave Diver

Includes course and instructor fees per student:  Contact us for current pricing

Student numbers:  3 maximum
Minimum age:  18 years
Introduction to Cave certification or equivalent required
Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures training recommended

~16 hours of classroom study and 8 dives minimum
Educate the student in proper cave diving techniques, procedures, emergency management, cave awareness, conservation, dive planning and execution beyond the Introduction to Cave Diver level.
Develop more advanced cave diving skills including the use of jump/gap reels, circuits/traverses and decompression procedures.

Back-mount double cylinders (minimum volume of 160 cu/ft) with dual outlet, isolator manifold
Rigid back-plate, harness and wing of adequate lift for configuration with LP inflator (no octopus inflation system allowed)
Primary regulator system with 7’ hose and redundant regulator system with SPG
Properly labeled decompression cylinder with regulator system & SPG
Redundant depth and timing devices or dive computers
Primary canister light with illumination and burn-time sufficient for planned dives
Two back-up lights sufficient for planned dives
One primary reel per team
Two safety spools per diver
Two jump/gap spools per diver
Knife/line cutter
Submersible dive tables, wet-notes and pencil
Minimum of 3 line arrows and non-directional markers each
Accessory equipment dictated by instructor and/or site conditions (e.g. low profile/dark silicone mask & paddle blade fins recommended)
Exposure suit adequate for environment (preferably drysuit)