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Learn to Swim

Everyone must crawl before they walk.  Learn to swim properly and then continue with your SCUBA adventure!  We offer swimming instruction for all ages and skill levels.  Our instructors take pride in holding small classes with personalized care and attention.  General Swimming class costs are $120 for four thirty minute sessions (2 student minimum/6 maximum), $200 for private or special needs classes.  Age groups are broken down as follows:  6 months-3 years, 2-4 years, 4-8, 8 years+ and adult.  Contact instructor Amanda Lane at 865-679-2980 to schedule your General Swimming class.


Private Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) instruction:

ISR lessons are one-on-one and customized to the developmental level of each child.  Babies who can crawl — generally six months to 12 months old– learn to hold their breath underwater, roll onto their back to float, rest and breathe.  Children who can walk, generally one year of age and older (up to six years)– learn to hold their breath under water, swim with their head down and eyes open, roll onto their back to float, rest and breathe, and roll back over to resume swimming until they reach the side of the pool and can crawl out.

Class Structure:  Your child’s classes are 5 days a week, Monday – Friday. Each class will be approximately 10 minutes long with just one child and their instructor in the water.  Much is accomplished in a short but very intense private lesson.  Your child will have the same 10 minute time slot each day.  You can expect your child to be skilled in an average of 6 weeks.  Contact ISR instructor Korey Dye at 859-380-1902 to schedule your class.

Get to know our ISR instructor, Korey Dye: “A love of water is something that has been instilled in me from an early age.  It began with growing up and spending summers at my parents lake house.  I had my very first swim experience at only a few months old which later as a child, translated into a love of water skiing and water tubing.  I even went on to eventually become a member of my high school’s swim team.”

“Once I began working in a pediatric Emergency Department, I began to realize how prevalent childhood drowning was.  I had no idea it was the number one cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4.  It wasn’t until a combination of my work experience, my newfound motherhood and a drowning of a child that touched my personal life that I felt I was called to become an ISR instructor.  Equipping children with the skills to save themselves in the water is what I am passionate about and working with children has always been a joy of mine.  Let’s work together  as a team of parent, child and instructor and reach ISR’s goal of ‘Not one more child drowns!’”