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Kreis Wetherington

“I have always considered myself to be a student of life and adventurer.  The first time I took a breath underwater I was hooked on scuba diving!  When I stepped off a dive boat into the warm, blue waters off the coast of Belize and gazed upon two large spotted eagle rays, I became a scuba diving addict.  My passion for scuba diving is equaled only by my passion to teach others how to dive.  I firmly believe in the NAUI motto “Dive Safety Through Education” and feel that learning to dive must be a fun and enjoyable experience for the student.  What I love most about the diving community is how willing our members are to share their knowledge, experiences and are ready to help when needed.  While I may teach my students to dive, I also learn from my students.”

Leadership certification:

  • National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) Open Water Instructor #58049

Specialty training certifications:

  • NAUI Divemaster #58049
  • NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver #weth021456
  • National Association for Cave Diving (NACD) Intro To Cave Diving #CA-2708
  • Technical Diving International (TDI) Intro To Cave Diver #630584
  • Unified Team Diving (UTD) Essentials of Recreational and Technical Diving #4245
  • NAUI Dry Suit Diver #weth021456kredsd
  • Scuba School International (SSI) Nitrox Diver #801432F3744229107516-US
  • Scuba School International (SSI) Advanced Open Water Diver #801432QF748536557877-US