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Grant Chapman

“I have always had a fascination with the underwater world. I remember watching ocean documentaries as a kid and thinking what it would be like to dive! In the summer of 1997, while lounging by a buddy’s pool, somehow the topic of SCUBA came up. I wanted to find out more, but we lived in the middle of the desert (Las Vegas, NV.) Where do you SCUBA dive in Vegas?!? He said, “In my pool!” I tried on his gear and was soon breathing underwater; from that moment I was hooked!”

“I found the local NAUI training agency and the rest is history. I took my Open Water class in 1998 and became an instructor in 2002. SCUBA has been my passion ever since. The primary reason I became an instructor was to share my passion of SCUBA with others who have the same curiosity as I did. I provide a safe, structured learning environment that focuses on the basics necessary to get my students comfortable with the skills needed to begin their SCUBA journey and take it as far as they want to go!”

Specialty certifications:

  • UTD Essentials of Rec and Tech Diving
  • NAUI Asst. Instructor
  • NAUI Master Diver
  • NAUI Advanced Rescue Diver
  • NAUI First Aid / CPR Training Program
  • NAUI Drysuit Specialist
  • NAUI Enriched Air Nitrox Diver
  • NAUI Advanced Diver
  • NAUI Open Water Diver
  • DAN Oxygen First Aid for SCUBA Diving Injuries

Leadership certification:

  • NAUI Instructor #39384