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Equipment Services

Regulator Annual

Our trained Scuba regulator technicians will do a full service annual overhaul of your scuba regulator 1st stage 2nd stages, pressure Gauge and inflator hose.
This service includes a complete dissemble of the entire scuba regulator set and sonic bath cleaning of all metal parts. We will clean and lube all components and reassemble the regulator.
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Hydrostatic Testing

Every 5 years, as required by the USA Department of Transportation (DOT), scuba tanks must be hydro tested. A hydrostatic test involves pressurizing the tank to its test pressure and measuring its volume before and after the test. A permanent increase in volume above the tolerated level means the cylinder fails the test and is permanently removed from service.
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Visual Inspection

The visual inspection requirement is a diving industry standard based on observations made during a review by the National Underwater Accident Data Center. Visual inspection includes external and internal inspection for damage, bulges, dents, gouges, pitting, corrosion, cracks, thread damage, defacing of permanent markings, and color coding.
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Oxygen Servicing

All cylinders to be filled with nitrox or other mixed gases are subject to oxygen servicing. Costs are $50 per tank and include: O2 cleaning of tank & valve, compatible parts & lubricants, visual inspection and badging.
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Eddy Current Test

Designed specifically to detect cracks in tank necks, the Eddy Current Test offers safety of everyone involved in the use, transport, and filling of scuba cylinders. Plus, this is fast becoming a standard of the diving community.
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Cylinder Rolling/Tumbling

If your cylinder is suffering from internal corrosion it may need rolling/tumbling in order to pass visual inspection.
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