UTD Essentials of Rec & Tech

Essentials of Recreational and Technical Diving acts as a bridge between conventional training and UTD’s more demanding technical curriculum. The course focuses on training you to become a “Thinking Diver,” regardless of whether you are going to move forward with technical training or are just looking to become a more highly skilled recreational diver.


  • $300 course and instructor fees
    $600 for private training
  • $60 for c-card

Student numbers:  minimum 2, maximum 6
Minimum age:  18 years
Rec 2 (Basic Nitrox) or equivalent level of training
Minimum logged dives:  50
Must meet UTD physical requirements

Backmount BC system w/one piece web harness and hardware
Back inflation style wing
At least one depth-measuring device
At least one time-keeping device
Fins: non-split variety
At least one cutting device
Spool with at least 100 feet of line
Surface marker buoy or lift bag
Exposure suit appropriate for the environment
Double tank cylinders configuration
UTD/DIR stage or decompression bottle system (for Tech)
UTD hose configured regulators w/7 ft. primary hose
22-24″ necklace regulator hose
24-26″ SPG hose

Rhea’s Diving’s Recommended Progression of Training