Join our team of explorers as we journey 200' below the surface of Lake Huron, inside and out of two amazing shipwrecks in visibility so good you would think these are Caribbean waters.  I assure you the team wishes it were warmer than 39 degrees top to bottom!

The Cornelia B. Windiate was never seen passing the Straits of Mackinaw and initially reported lost on Lake Michigan.  This 136', three-masted schooner lies on the bottom so intact you think she is waiting orders to sail again.  Not only did the ship disappear but so did the nine souls aboard her!

S.S. Florida was one of the largest wooden bulk freighters on the lakes in 1897.  As the powerful 271' ship crept along in a dense fog she met her fate colliding with the Roby.  The impact mark in the starboard side is large enough to drive a truck through!  Sinking in less than 15 minutes there was just enough time for the crew to escape and be picked up by the Roby.


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